Implement a simple chat using async-std.

In this exercise, you will learn:

  • How to use async tasks for synchronisation

  • How to do simple connection handing

  • How to use async channels

Note: this is a trimmed down version of the tutorial found in the async-std book.

1. Clone the template

$ git clone

2. Protocol Specification

The protocol is simple:

  • The first line a client sends is its name

  • Every subsequent line is a message

3. Task

Implement the client function so that it:

  • It reads the name of the client

  • Then registers the client with the broker

  • Spawns 2 tasks, one to read the incoming messages, one to deliver outgoing

Go step by step, first reading the name from the input, printing it using println and then going from there.


Clone everywhere

This is an unoptimised example and moves String around everywhere. clone liberally, optimisations can come later.

Iterating over incoming lines

let mut buf_read = BufReader::new(stream.clone());

let mut lines = buf_read.lines();

while let Some(Ok(line)) = {