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A memory-violating love story


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Why would you do that?

  • Integrate into larger projects
  • Replace application piece by piece
  • Write plugins

Why give this talk?

Rust promises efficient FFI to C code

What does this mean?



Application Binary Interface

  • Defines the function signature & types
  • Much like an API but for linkers




Let’s talk about stability

Neither does C++

C doesn’t have an ABI

The operating system does

C code from Rust

Boring FFI

  • Bind to native API with extern functions
  • Wrap function calls in unsafe
  • Make data C-compatible

Boring FFI

std::os::raw & std::ffi contain FFI types

  • (Rust) String becomes CString
  • (Rust) &str becomes CStr
  • void becomes c_void
  • … etc …

Turning tables

  • Same extern "C" as before
  • Take data in C-form
  • Use #[no_mangle] to preserve the function name

Turning tables

Some special fields in Cargo.toml

Turning tables

Integrating the Rust code into your build toolchain

├── CMakeLists.txt
├── reverso
│   ├── Cargo.toml 
│   └── src 
│       └──
├── reverso.h
└── main.c

Turning tables

Calling this from C is easy

'ривет RustConf 👩🏽‍💻' reversed: '💻👩🏽 fnoCtsuR тевирп'

Thank you

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Alright, not quite

Some Problems

  • I don’t want to write headers
  • How to deal with anything going wrong?
  • Oh god, real memory management! 😨
  • How to build pretty APIs?



Don’t write headers yourself. Use cbindgen

  • Like bindgen, but in reverse
  • Can generate .h files at compile-time

Build system support


Memory management

Memory management

Put your troubles in a box ✨

📦 Boxes 📦

Remember: C is now responsible for the memory.

You can’t make the native code memory safe

Communicating Errors

  • Errors in C
  • Errors in C++

Emulate Result<T,E> with a structure

👉 Pointers

Errors in C

Errors in C

Errors in C Rust

Errors in C++


Errors in C++

Wrap C-errors in exception throwing code

Errors in C++

Can you throw a C++ exception from Rust?




try - throwcatch

try creates a “landing pad”

throw walks up the stack

Then calls catch


Landing pad determines how to continue


But which one? Filter or rethrow!


Replaced with calls into libc++

This is a talk about Rust

Oh god please don’t use this! (soon™ on

No libc++ bindings in Rust

Invoke apropriate functions via C shim layer

Can you catch a C++ exception in Rust?

Yes. But not today

Thank you (for real)

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